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Creation of transport and passenger transport interchange nodes at the point where route networks of St. Petersburg and Leningrad region
Transport interchange hub "Devyatkino"
Development of ground railway transport , linking central districts of St. Petersburg with new ares of urban agglomeration
Construction of the “St. Petersburg – Sertolovo” light rail transit line
Construction of the “St. Petersburg – Vsevolozhsk” light rail transit line
Transport interchange hub "Rybatskoye"
The latitudinal highway of high-speed traffic with a bridge across the river Neva in the alignment of st. Fayansovaya - st. Zolnaya (4, 5 stage)
Adaptation of new approaches to develop cycling and cycling routes between Russia and Finland to improve safety, mobility and environment, and to promote social development (the case: Svetogorsk – Imatra cycle track) (KS1133 Cycling)
Designing a feasibility study of locating a road alignment of a new road from the federal highway A181 “Scandinavia” to the “Brusnichnoye” border crossing point
The organization of suburban passenger rail service on a section Sertolovo (Leningrad region) - railway station Levashovo - St. Petersburg (Finland Station)
The creation of the St. Petersburg unified transport control center
The integration of existing and prospective automated traffic control systems in the territory of St. Petersburg and Leningrad Region
Construction of a tram line from Ulitsa Dybenko metro station to the City of Kudrovo in the Leningrad Region
Transport accessibility provision to the rural area of Kudrovo in Leningrad Region
Creation of an integrated transport model of St. Petersburg and Leningrad Region
Transport accessibility provision to the municipal settlement of Bugry in the Vsevolozhsk municipal district in Leningrad Region
Construction of the entrance from Ring Road A-118 to the A-180 Narva highway
Connecting road networks of St. Petersburg and Leningrad Region to the Ring Road with the arrangement of transport interchange at the intersection of the Ring Road and the prospective highway No. 15 (with the enhancing of the Pionerstroy Street)
Connection of the transport interchange hub "Devyatkino" to the city road network and the St. Petersburg Ringroad
Transport interchange hub "Kudrovo"
Aviation infrastructure development in St. Petersburg and the Leningrad region
Driver's Information System at the connections to St. Petersburg Ring road