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Contestants "Formula security" took part in the campaign "Caution! Electricity!"

9 December

Today Vitebsk railway station, in the framework of children & nbsp; creative competition "Formula security", which ANO "Directorate for development of St. Petersburg transport system and the Leningrad Region" organized with the support of the Ministry of Transport of the Russian Federation and personally Maxim Yurievich Sokolov, Government of St. Petersburg and Leningrad Oblast Government passed the action "Caution! Electricity! ", Organized by the staff of the October Railway.

The action was aimed at preventing cases of injury of passengers in railway electric transport. Her protagonists began 50 school pupils the Nevsky district, already involved in the "Security Formula" contest.

Children unusual physical experiments were performed & nbsp.; For example, when connected to a Tesla coil ordinary incandescent glow reddish occurred on the spiral, which came to the surface of the lamp, which turns bright blue. Participants also demonstrated how the & nbsp; short circuit, and told how to get electricity. 

The event continued with a quiz in which students learn the basic rules of behavior in railway transport. 

At the conclusion of the event, the children asked to participate in one of the nominations of the contest "Formula security" for the best photograph taken in the station complex, or at the Oktyabrskaya railway facilities, with a further deployment of the most original works on the site Formula bezopasnosti.rf.